Theatre through the years…

University of Ottawa – from the humblest beginnings

Backstage on Island
Emperors New Clothes

My First Summer in Toronto

what a great cast of characters

His Girl Friday…Not Pettibone but same play

Chad Allen was sweet and bumbling as Joe Pettibone

Allison Gerson, Mooney on Theatre

Behind the scenes…

Written, Produced and starring ME!!!!!
Working Actors
The Blind Date – a little direction
Written, Produced and Starring ME TWO!!!!!
The Procedure Goofs
The cast of The Procedure
Officer Allen on the case

And the Award goes to…

Chad Allen for Bygone Theatre The Birds

In The Class Room…

Always working on the craft
Passing on what I can when I can
Repeat, just repeat

Red Carpet Adventures…

My Running Room…